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Swan Agro Disc Plough is manufactured as per international quality. The facility is designed to work in all type of soil for basic function such as soil breaking, soil turning and soil raising. They are made with forged alloy steel and are heat treated to work efficiently in hard and dry trashy land conditions.

Available in 2 disc, 3 disc, 4 disc & 5 disc.

  • Easily mounted on Tractor.
  • High Trash clearance allows plough to operate in high crop residue.
  • Specially designed with heavy duty pipe frame for extreme conditions
  • Option for extra kit for converting it to extra bottom plough.  
  • Swan disc plough is designed to open new fields.
  • Easily used in rocky and rooted areas.
  • Suitable in all types of soil.
  • Soil Breaking, Turning , Raising, and Mixing of soil is done very well.

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Technical Specification of MOUNTED DISC PLOUGH

Description/ Models  NSMDP-2  NSMDP-3  NSMDP-4  NSMDP-5 
Frame (mm)  Seamless Tubular Frame (OD 168, ID 146) 
Axle Type  Spindle 
No. of Disc  2 3 4 5
Mounted Cat.  CAT-II  CAT-III 
Type of Disc  Plain Disc 
Disc (Diameter)  660 X 6 T (26”) or 710 X 7 T (28”) 
Disc Spacing (mm)  570
Width of cut (mm approx.)  500-550  875-925  1150-1200  1575-1625 
Bearing Hub  2 3 4 5
Weight (Kgs. Approx.)  310 410 510 620
Tractor Power (HP)  50-60  65-80  85-100  105-125 


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