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Who We Are

Company Profile

NEW SWAN MULTITECH LIMITED established in year 2009 is part of NEW SWAN GROUP. New Swan Group since 3 decades has grown steadily under stable leadership, sound business practices and corporate culture that strive to be best in the industry.

New Swan has very strong business relations with companies from Europe, Middle East, Asia and some African countries.  New Swan Multitech Limited is one of the leading& reputed manufacturer-exporter of high quality farm machineries in India. Our company established on the working of farm machinery part and then with specialized in production of farm machinery in our state of art plant with brand name SWAN AGRO. Our company is accredited by ISO , QS & TS certification for following world class management system and manufacturing world class products.

NSML under brand SWAN AGRO has diverse range of products which include Rotary Tiller, Disc Plough, Disc Harrow, Potato Planter, Potato Digger, Potato Harvester, Roto Seeder, Seed Drill, Zero Till, Mulcher, Reaper & Binder, Straw Reaper, Sub Soiler, Post Hole Digger, Trailers, Fertilizer spreader, Rotary Slasher, Baler, Combine Harvester, , etc.

Since we started the production, our sales, spare parts, and after sales service are continue to support our valued customers. Our transport network is very strong and always ready for all the continents of the world.

Swan Agro is proud of being leader in quality and confidence in India. We invite you to join in the International successful cooperation with us wherever you are in the world.

mission MISSION

Our MISSION is to provide you the Farm machineries that are one of the highest Standards with the best services & more reliable prices. We assure you that you will find the best customer satisfaction in our company products. We believe on long term Bus

vision VISION

We Manufacture international quality with domestic pricing. Our VISION is our Customers – we are customer centrist in everything we do and which reflects in our company.


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Unmatched Quality

Swan Group has more than 3 decades experience in Automotive Sector, hence we are applying same methodology to develop Agriculture Implements. Our Agriculture implements are manufacture under strict quality concerned team which performs well to all type of soils and thereby providing good result and benefits to farmers. We are committed to seek and provide highest quality farm implements and will strive to improve customer satisfaction.


We are Swan Agro have best R&D Team in the sector who are very innovative making Swan Agro to offer unmatched farm mechanization products with superior value. The superior quality of product produced by us as under our product portfolio is the benchmark in the industry and fathomable to the creativity that prevails in Swan Agro. Thereby qualified R&D Team makes is comfortable for us for Quick Prototyping.

State of Art Manufacturing Facility

The Agro plant of New Swan Multitech Limited is well equipped with infrastructure to have proper assembly line, Gear development, testing line, technologies like CNC, VDM, Plasma Cutter, Robotic Welding, Powder coating plant and others. At Swan Agro within factory premises we have separate ground for product testing thereby making us testing & up gradation of our products.

Ethical Business Practices

Strong ethical business practices are a hallmark of a good company that is strongly followed & practiced by our company. Swan Agro has been successful in such practices thereby is Reputed Brand with Transparency at all level to increase the loyalty to customers. Swan Group is committed to society through social responsibility initiatives, further building company’s reputation.

Complete Business Support of our Dealer/Distributors

We are committed to provide complete business support to our dealer/ distributor by offering them complete back up in terms of technical requirements, training , promotional activities required for making sell of goods comfortable and other activities which makes doing business with Swan Agro different from others.

Responsive Management & Marketing Team

Our Management team & Marketing team are responsive to customer queries and are committed to sort out the queries within short Turn-around –time, thereby achieving proper satisfaction of our clients. We are responsive towards any implementation or updating in our products required for improvements of performance as per our clients requirements.

Skilled Manpower

Swan Agro has an edge in quality production of agricultural implements which is due to skilled manpower who is working as One Team under the same premises. The manpower within Swan Agro are very skilled with complete understanding of the products being supplied and continuously striving to keep upgrading and providing better and better performing products to farmers globally , thereby effective Mechanization of Farming Sector.